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Reliable Pharmacy Services for Northbrook and the Surrounding Area

Service sets Tobia's Guardian Pharmacy apart from all the others. We might sell you a blood pressure monitor, for instance, but we don’t just send you home with it. We’ll make sure a trained health professional shows you how to use it. We provide comprehensive pharmacy services for Northbrook and other surrounding communities in Ontario. We are now able to administer a number of vaccinations including the flu shot.


  • Prescribing for Minor Ailments

  • Virtual Walk-In Telemedicine

  • Vaccination services

  • Drug Information 

  • Medication Review

  • Transferring Prescriptions

  • Home health care support

  • Insurance claim reconciliation

  • Help with quitting smoking

  • Prescription delivery to Denbigh

  • Compression stocking fitting

  • Compounding


Manage your medication in a better way using the convenient diem®app.




The staff at the pharmacy is able to fill your medications in a quick and timely manner so you can focus on the other things in your life. Finding it difficult to split your tablets? Having difficulty opening your vials?  Unsure how to handle your drug plan? We're here for all your needs!




We are now able to administer a number of vaccinations, including the COVID-19 vaccine and the seasonal flu shot.

Helping You Understand Your Meds

Virtual Walk-in Clinic

Are you living in the area, but don't have a doctor? Visiting the cottage and can't reach your doctor at home? Have no fear! You have access to our free telemedicine service! Just call the pharmacy to book your same day appointment.

Delivery to Denbigh

Minor Ailment Prescribing

Currently, pharmacists are now able to prescribe for uncomplicated urinary tract infections, lyme disease prophylaxis and bacterial eye infections to name a few. 



Our trained staff are able to make a variety of different compounds specifically for you! Whether it be a soothing cream or a potent mouth rinse, we have you covered!

Transferring Prescriptions

Transferring prescriptions

Have some medications at another pharmacy, but are having trouble getting back to refill them? Our pharmacy is able to transfer your remaining refills to our location… just another service to make your life easier!

Blister Packs

Blister packs

Are you or a loved one having trouble remembering when to take your medications? We can help! Tobia’s Guardian Pharmacy offers unique blister packs for individuals who are independent but may need a little help managing their medications.

Diem Care


Diem Care makes refilling your prescription unbelievably easy. Download the app today to find out. It is a convenient way to coordinate all your refills and care as necessary, making life easier for you.

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